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What is a RAM limit

One of the limits we enforce a RAM limit to ensure that websites run as best as they can.

RAM limit - what is it?

RAM of a computer, often simplifed to just “memory”, is a storage used by programs to cache data while they execute a program.

When a PHP script is executed, RAM is used to store data needed to give out a response. Free hosting servers come with a large, but finite amount of RAM.

As a result of that RAM limit is simply a measurement of the amount of memory your accounts’ scripts use and for how long. If your website is trying to use all of the memory it will be suspended for a day. 

What is the max amount of RAM that I can use

Exact way that RAM usage is calculated is complicated so we cannot provide a straight answer. Also, you just just stay within the limit and not worry about optimizing it to use as much memory without hitting the limit.

So the way that RAM usage is calculated is confidential. Lenyxo also can’t provide you with the exact amount of RAM assigned to your webiste.

Why is my RAM usage so high

There are a lot of cases in which your website generates a lot of RAM usage, here’s a few of them

  • Your website might’ve simply received a lot of hits, which prompted a lot of executes of PHP scripts.
  • Your website code might require a lot of memory to generate a response.

How can I reduce my RAM usage

Here are a few recommendations to help you with reducing your RAM usage(and analogously make your website faster):

  • Get rid of unneeded plugins and scripts. The less code that needs to be executed, the less memory is needed to generate a response
  • Make use of caching, making sure that no unnecessary data is loaded.