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What is an IO limit?

One of the limits we enforce a IO limit to ensure that websites run as best as they can.

What is IO usage

IO usage counts how much the code on your site interacts with the storage of the hosting. 

The examples of your website generating IO usage is using a built-in uploader(media manager in WP), installing plugins or themes with built-in functionality.

The IO metric only counts usage that is generated from PHP. 

IO usage - how is it counted

Our IO limit is based on “strikes”. It means that we have a base quota set for IO usage. When you hit the quota your website will be throttled but not suspended.

After hitting the initial quota, it will be counted as a “strike”.

After a certain amount of “strikes” your account will be suspended for 24 hours.

What is the limit on IO usage

The exact amount of storage bandwidth that you have is confidential, but you can view how close you are to hitting the limit in control panel -> Account Statistic.

How can I identify what causes high IO usage consumption

Every limit we track on your account is displayed by a single graph as a whole so you can’t pin down the IO usage to specific things.

That means you’ll have to do trial and error to resolve configuration that causes a lot of high IO usage.

High IO usage - what is causing it and how to reduce it

IO usage limit is one of the most abstract limits we have set up. That usually causes problems with understanding what exactly is causing it. Backup and Import plugins usually cause high IO usage, because their main function involves high amounts of heavy files. If you have any plugins on your site that are similar or just do a lot of writing and reading from storage, you should disable them.