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How to backup a page

Good site management requires a backup. Remember to keep it in several places (e.g. flash drive, disk, or cloud services). It is your role to save it regularly.

Lenyxo does not backup on free accounts. Learn how to properly rip your files and (if you have one) your database.

Backup your website files

  1. Use an FTP client (e.g. Filezilla, WinSCP) to download your site files
  2. Connect to the server where your site is located
  3. Find the htdocs folder of the site whose files you want to download
  4. Download the files from the htdocs folder to your computer

If your site weighs a lot, this process will take a while – leave it in the background and take care of something else.

Backup your databases

  1. Login to vPanel (via dashboard button)
  2. Click the phpMyAdmin button
  3. Click the Connect Now butto next to the database you would like to download
  4. Go to Export tab
  5. Click the Start button

We do not recommend creating a ZIP file on the server (maximum file size 10 MB) and using backup scripts (they use a lot of server power and PHP code – which has execution limits), often backups made by scripts fail or generate corrupted backups.