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Migrating a website to Lenyxo

If your website does not use a MySQL database, moving your website is a breeze. Simply use FTP or a file manager to upload all files to the “htdocs” folder on the hosting account. If you have a PHP-based website, please check if you have any configuration files that need to set a domain name or file path. Update these values ​​as needed. If your website uses a MySQL database, you must also move the database content and update your website settings to use the database: 

1. Back up the database on the old host. If your current provider has a MySQL backup tool, please use it. Normally, you can log in to phpMyAdmin, select your database and click the “Export” tab. Choose Save as file and select “gzip”. Your database backup download should start later. 

2. Create a database in your Lenyxo account. Before restoring the database backup, you need to create a database on our system. Go to the control panel of your website and click MySQL database. You can create a new database there. Pay close attention to the database name and host name, because you will need them later. After creating the database, enter our phpMyAdmin (the icon of the tool is in the control panel). After logging in, click the “Import” tab, browse for the database backup file (for example, yourdatabase.sql.gz), and then click “Run”. The database recovery procedure will begin. Please be patient, because if the size of the backup is large, it may take a long time to complete. 

3. The configuration file is being updated. Now when the database is restored, you need to open the PHP script config file (for example WordPress will have a wpconfig.php file) and update the database host, database name, the database username and database password values. The database hostname, database name, and database username can be found in your control panel. The database password can be found in the client area. Note: We do not use “localhost” as the MySQL hostname, the correct value should be similar to “sql123.lenyxo.eu.org“.